Induction Orchard

This is a working farm/orchard. There are a number of hazards on-site:

  • Smoking: no smoking is permitted anywhere on site
  • Pest control: covered traps and bait stations
  • Truck/machinery/vehicle movements on access way
  • Stock movements around access way
  • Spraying
  • Chemicals
  • Mowing
  • Trip hazards
  • Electric fences
  • Bungee cord across driveway
  • No unaccompanied children
  • Overhead power (seek PIC advice)

Use the following form to confirm that you understand the hazards associated with the site visit. Note that while we have disclosed all known risks that you will be subjected to on the property, there may be other unidentified risks. Please remain alert, take care, and report any new risks to Nick by calling 027-6646-134.